Halloween Brick-or-Treat LEGOLAND Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia has launched their yearly Halloween Brick-or-Treat themed activities from now till 29 October 2016. My little angel, Olivia and her parents headed to Legoland last week to attend their spooktacular Brick-or-Treat Party Nights courtesy of Legoland Malaysia. She was so happy to be there to explore the activities.


Before I share her fun time in Legoland, let me share more about the Brick-or-Treat Party Nights, Legoland Malaysia. This Halloween theme park has extended their operating hours till 8:30pm (usually 6:00pm). The outdoor LEGO® Miniland is lighted up and tons of Halloween activities taking place at LEGO® Kingdoms. The night-tickets are available for purchase here.

What are the highlights?

Halloween Show

legoland-brick-or-treat-malaysia-johor-bahru-1-1 legoland-johor-bahru-brick-or-treatlegoland-brick-or-treat-malaysia-johor-bahru-4

An interactive Halloween show with new cast and storyline! The ‘Best Costume Competition’ for kids will also be run during the show so guest will need to dress to impress. [Read more…]

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LEGOLAND Malaysia: Enter our Brick-Or-Treat Halloween Giveaway

I like Halloween. The concept of having kids of all ages all dressed up in anything from cute Frozen outfits, Kylo Ren and Star Wars storm troopers to outright scary ghost and zombie costumes – complete with make-up and fake blood of course – is just fun. And all that just for the sake of candy. I know my kids love going from door to door in our neighbourhood, collecting as much of the loot as they can every year. And yet while it’s sweet to see them have so much fun, the ritual does get a bit mundane year in and year out, when there’s nothing different about it.


Perhaps it’s true what they say about great minds thinking alike, because Legoland Malaysia was thinking along the same lines and decided to shake things up a bit this year with their Brick-Or-Treat Halloween Nights. That’s right, it’s not just a one-night affair on 31st October, because their Halloween Party nights run every Friday and Saturday in October, with extended park hours till 9pm. Did I mention that any child wearing a costume gets free entry to the park? And, boy, did the small people love that concept. They could actually celebrate Halloween twice – once with their friends at home and once at the spookily dressed Lego Kingdom with Lord Vampyre and his creepy gang. [Read more…]

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Build Yourself a Holiday to Remember

In life, when we have a straightforward decision to make we often use the expression that the decision is black and white.  This means it’s an easy decision to make.  There aren’t a lot of options or consequences.

For a family holiday the typical black and white decision might be something like, ‘Shall we holiday in Australia or go overseas?’ or ‘Shall we have an adventure or enjoy the luxury of a resort?’

I have just discovered that life is not just black and white.  It is also blue.  It is red.  It is green and yellow and orange.  It is just about every colour you can imagine. Life is LEGO.


Without doubt one of the most wonderful memories I have of arriving at the LEGOLAND Hotel was all of us bursting out laughing with sheer happiness at how wonderful the hotel looked.

Two adults and two children were just in awe of this hotel that looks like it’s built of LEGO bricks.  It’s got big blue turrets, an exterior staircase made out of oddly coloured LEGO bricks and over the entrance is a gigantic green dragon whose bottom has smashed through the roof.

If you needed any persuading that it couldn’t possibly be as gloriously bold and bright as I’m describing, let me just refer you to the doorman’s stand at the entrance.  You know that stand you go to outside a hotel front door when you want to ask the doorman to get you a taxi or ask if there is an umbrella you could borrow?  Well this stand is a big green LEGO brick.  Even the signs that the security guards carry at the entrance to the theme park that say, ‘Security Check’ are made of LEGO.

If you’ve missed the exterior of the hotel upon your arrival the interior is even brighter and is chaotic.  There is a large LEGO castle and LEGO pirate ship in the middle of the reception area and there pits full of LEGO bricks where children are deliriously building whatever they want, no instructions required.


Have you ever wanted to burst into song in a lift full of strangers?  If you are shouting out ‘Yes!’ then make your way please to the LEGOLAND Hotel at Jahor Baru, Malaysia.  As the doors close in each lift a mirror ball starts to spin, flashing lights swirl in the confined space and disco music begins.  I feel sorry for those people who are on the lower floors as Dancing Queen is only just getting going when they have to get out.  We get a longer ride and by the time our doors open we strut out of the lift still singing and striking poses that ABBA’s Agnetha and Anni-Frid could only dream about.


The 249 rooms throughout the hotel are all themed.  We’ve got ourselves an Adventure room overlooking LEGOLAND.  On the shelves and walls of our room there are life-size LEGO monkeys, parrots, lizards and snakes while in the bathroom above the toilet is a giant LEGO tarantula and above the sink is a giant LEGO scorpion.  On another wall in the bathroom is a LEGO hat like Indiana Jones would wear.

The carpets are themed.  The walls are themed and the bed linen and pillows all represent your theme.  Even the hallways outside your room continue your theme.

I’m not sure what dangers lurk on the Kingdom and Pirate themed floors but whenever we leave our room Matilda and Tom keep pushing me over, trying to save me from falling down the ‘open trap doors’ on the carpet.

Not long after we settle into our room the kids complete the quiz that reveals a code to the room safe (guarded by a large LEGO monkey).  Inside the safe there are prizes for the kids and then there’s a knock on the door.

At the door is Daphne Tan, the Public Relations Manager, Sales and Marketing, for LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort.  I’ve been keen to meet Daphne who is so enthusiastic about the resort facilities.

I don’t know if she’s ever seen a more excited family than ours and with our loud voices and the kids running around, I’m sure that when she got back into one of those disco lifts she enjoyed the relative peace and quiet.

With a few hours before sunset and a bright blue sky outside we decide to head out to the water park.  From our room, down the disco lifts and out to the water park takes us less than five minutes.

We head straight for the Build-A-Raft River, a lazy winding river with lots of tubes to drift on. There are giant LEGO clams that squirt water at you and there are LEGO bricks that drift by and you can collect them and build your own raft.  Our construction is more like flotsam than a raft but it does the job as Tom perches on top and it’s kept stable by his patient sister.


Next stop is the wave pool.  Quite shallow and with waves regularly rolling through, it’s an opportunity to actually have a peaceful float, looking up at the giant LEGOLAND sign on the hill and studying the amazing architecture of the hotel.

Moments later I’m told it’s time to move on, not by one of the numerous life guards but by two children desperate to ride the Red Rush.  This ride is a very high and wide waterslide and you climb into a big circular life raft to make your descent.  It spins around enough to cause a few screams but not scary enough to stop the kids bolting back up to the top to do it again…and again.

We slow down the pace after multiple Red Rush rides and try out the make-a-boat.  This is the moment where I am back in my own childhood in my old cast iron bath with claw feet.  I’d build boats out of my bricks and sail them on storm tossed seas made by swaying my legs back and forth.  Occasionally my waves would spill over the top, carrying my boat over the edge and breaking into pieces on the bathroom floor.

Matilda and Tom are building a boat and I set to work making my own.  When we’re finished we run to the start of the obstacle course that the boats have to make their way down.  There’s a starters gate and we count down for our race and are held up momentarily by other kids who also want to race their boats.

Moments later they’re off and my boat immediately twists to one side and is rolled underwater by another boat and crushed, just like my dreams of victory.  Somehow, Matilda and Tom’s boat escapes the carnage and reaches the bottom first, a triumph for the little family from Australia!

A few more slides, a few more thrills and it’s time to go back to the hotel, to have a shower with the tarantula and scorpion in the bathroom (using LEGOLAND Hotel soap in the shape of a LEGO brick of course).

The next day we make the five minute walk to LEGOLAND, this time without our bathers.  After having a chat with the red Ninjago character we head off towards our first stop, LEGOLAND Driving School.  After a DVD presentation on the rules of the road and a briefing from an instructor on what they learnt from the DVD the kids make their way outside to the vehicles.  The course replicates a real road environment complete with traffic lights, roundabouts and all sorts of signs.

I have a photo of Tom driving his car that I will pass on to his driving instructor in about ten year’s time.  Despite the lessons, despite the briefing, despite the six foot bright white arrow painted on the road, there is Tom, looking intently ahead, on the wrong side of the road.


About this time last year Tom was lucky enough to spend some time with Formula 1 Grand Prix driver, Daniel Riccardio.  They had a chat and Tom gave Daniel one of his Hot Wheels cars.  Perhaps Daniel gave Tom some tips on using the road a bit differently to the rest of us.

LEGOLAND has more than 70 rides and exhibitions. Throughout the day we are on rides, off rides and looking at amazing LEGO creations, including the recreation in LEGO of Asian landmarks in Miniland and the Star Wars exhibition.  Watching the Millennium Falcon rise up while being blasted by little Star Wars LEGO Stormtroopers with blinking lights coming out of their blasters was amazing … for all ages.

There are roller coasters to ride before lunch, and some you shouldn’t go on after lunch.  There are also opportunities to get creative by building your own designs.  We have a go at constructing a high rise building and then hitting the earthquake button.  I’m glad we don’t live in any of the buildings we made.  We make cars and race them down a slope.  Just like the boat building challenge of yesterday, my skills are old school and obsolete.  I am lost.  I sit at a table trying to work out how various pieces fit together but my fingers look up at me as if to say, “Give up now old man. Leave it to the kids.”

The trick for any theme park is to be something for everyone.  LEGOLAND works because LEGO transcends age and ability.  Even though I couldn’t put together a car using LEGO Technic, there are old school bricks and there are big Duplo bricks for the really little kids.  That consideration of all ages is really what defines the LEGOLAND Hotel and LEGOLAND water and theme parks.

Thinking of everyone is difficult but it’s what LEGOLAND does best. Even the toilets have low facilities for little kids, accompanied by low sinks and hand dryers.

What surprised me the most during our time in the land of LEGO was meeting so many Australian families who had just driven across for a day trip from holidaying on Singapore.  We stayed for two nights at the LEGOLAND Hotel and in that time had easy access to the water and theme parks.  We also travelled through Jahor Baru to the whimsical Hello Kitty Town and saw the amazing shopping centres that attract Singapore locals.

For one evening we travelled out of Jahor Baru to the Sungai Lebam for a firefly cruise.  Far from the dizzying sights and sounds of LEGOLAND we sat in silence, apart from the gentle splashing of the mangroves by a crewman to awaken the fireflies.

Tom and Matilda held fireflies in gentle, cupped hands.  We proved that great experiences for kids can contrast. LEGOLAND is full of splendour and spectacle that has your senses reeling by the end of the day.  For the firefly cruise, my kids had their senses reeling by just sitting still and watching the flights of light float around them.

As part of this evening adventure we also had an extraordinary dinner at the jetty used by our cruise vessel.  The Restoran Bujang Terapung served us some of the best fish and crabs I’ve ever eaten and gave us a tour of the live seafood pens afterwards, including the gentle handling of a huge horseshoe crab which resembled a cross between one of Sigourney Weaver’s aliens and a Roomba vacuum cleaner.

When we leave for Singapore, I talk to our driver, Habib, about my love of Nasi Lemak.  All of a sudden we’re off the beaten track and we’re just around the corner from where Habib lives, at his local street side eatery.  Minutes later we’re seated around local families he knows well, I have a new baby in my arms from the family sitting next to us and on our table are four huge bowls of cendol, plus a banana leaf wrapped nasi lemak for me and plates of fish batter sausages, deep fried bananas and donuts for the rest of the family.  The cendol is the best I have ever had.  The savoury mix of corn kernels with kidney beans and the sweetness of the pandan flavoured jelly in the shape of string beans, all mixed together with ice and coconut milk is a delicious treat to be long remembered for the experience and the taste.

If LEGOLAND is your destination then make it your accommodation as well.  The hotel is an adventure in itself and access to the theme parks is easy, particularly considering hotel guests are granted access to LEGOLAND an hour before the gates open to the public.  You will also have the time to have adventures and experiences around Jahore Baru that will astound you.  If even the Singapore locals go to Jahor Baru for the shopping that should also tell you something about the worth of having a longer stay in this part of the world.

So, it’s not a black and white decision to just visit LEGOLAND.  It is a fabulous, bright, multi-coloured decision that, chosen wisely, will see you experience a wonderful theme park and a beautiful part of the world.

This post was brought to you by Chris Parry.

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Star Wars Day 2016: Master Your Force as a Family at LEGOLAND Malaysia


Free entry for kids. The world’s biggest LEGO Millennium Falcon. A Build-Your-Own starship social media competition. It’s going to be an epic May the 4th for Star Wars fans at LEGOLAND this year.

May the 4th, known to fans as Star Wars Day for its pun on the series’ famous catchphrase “May the Force be with you”, will be extended throughout the entire month of May at LEGOLAND Malaysia this year as the LEGO group and LEGOLAND Malaysia join forces for the first time to create the biggest ever Star Wars Day event in the Asia Pacific.

In a bid to reach out to new and younger Star Wars fans, this is also the first time that parent-child activities have been planned for Star Wars Day celebrations, which are taking place at LEGOLAND Malaysia for the fourth year running.


We want to get a new generation of fans immersed in Star Wars, let parents and children create together as a family, and master their force together as a family,” said Vera Ivanova, Marketing Director of SEA Marketing at LEGO Singapore during the press conference this morning.

There will be Star Wars related events happening every weekend in May so plan your visit well (or just head up north every weekend!). Oh, and do dress the children up in Star Wars outfits so they get free* entry to the park – and you can use the money saved from their tickets to buy that $299.90 (at Bricks World), LEGO Millennium Falcon, yes?

Here’s what you can look forward to.

LEGOLAND Star Wars Day

Pre-celebrations: April 21 – May 8
“Build Your Own Dream LEGO Star Wars Starship” social media competition

Parents, partner your child to build a LEGO Star Wars starship. Upload a picture of the completed creation on LEGOLAND Malaysia Resorts’ Facebook page with the hashtags #MasterYourForce and #LEGOStarWarsDays. Ten winners will be chosen to receive their awards on May 14.


Week 1: April 30 – May 2
Build the world’s biggest LEGO Millennium Falcon

The world’s only father-son LEGO Master Builder duo, Daniel and Christopher Steininger, will be at LEGOLAND Malaysia to build Han Solo’s iconic starship. This will be on display at the park until the end of May. Unfortunately Han, Chewie, and Rey will not be present. Numbers people, take note: over 200,000 bricks will be used, it will measure almost 5 metres across, and building will take place over three days. Psst, you can help out in the construction too!


Week 2: May 7-8
TIE Fighters and the Imperial March

Help build two TIE Fighters (which will be on display till June 30) and witness a real life Imperial March led by an army of Stormtroopers, Darth Vader and over 90 Star Wars costumers from the 501st Legion.


My Own Creation (MOC) Competition
Closing date: 11.59pm, April 15, 2016

There’s a brand new parent-child category this year for children aged five to 15 years to build and bond with mum and/or dad. The other two categories – 7-15 years, and above 15 years – remain. Prizes will be awarded at the park on May 8, with winning MOCs on display till May 31. Visitors to the park will be able to view the final 99 models from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Singapore. Register for the competition here.


Every weekend in May:

• Build and bring home your very own mini LEGO Millennium Falcon.

• Take part in the LEGO Star Wars Activity Trail treasure hunt. Participate in all the LEGO Star Wars activities in the park and get a special gift.

• Walk through the biggest air-conditioned Star Wars Miniland with scenes from six episodes of the franchise and The Clone Wars.

*Terms and conditions for free entry for kids to LEGOLAND Malaysia during the month of May 2016:

  • Free entry valid from 1st May – 31st May 2016.
  • Free entry applicable for 1-Day TP, 1-Day Combo, and 2-Days Combo tickets.
  • Child denotes children below 12 years old.
  • Child must be in full costume of Star Wars character.

This post was brought to you by June Wan, Singapore Motherhood


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Holiday Extravaganza at LEGOLAND Malaysia

LEGO Santa making his debut at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort

Look out for Lego Santa who is making his debut at Legoland Malaysia Resort!

Legoland Malaysia Resort celebrates the year-end holidays with a Holiday Extravaganza where guests can enjoy a series of events lined up from now till Jan 3 next year.

This year, Legoland Malaysia is taking advantage of the holiday season to give back to guests through an advent calendar with 31 different windows for each day of December.

At the end of each day of December, Legoland Malaysia will announce one lucky winner who will walk away with the prize from that day’s window.

Premium prizes include an exclusive Birthday Bash at Legoland Hotel where Lego mascots and hotel staff will provide the winner with a hearty and memorable birthday celebration.

There are also opportunities to win the Legoland Malaysia VIP Expedition for a personal tour and peek at never-before-seen sights of the park or complimentary annual passes and park tickets, among other great prizes.

LEGO Toy Soldier and the cast from 'Have You Seen Santa' Christmas Festive Show

Guests at Legoland Malaysia Resort stand to win a daily prize during the Holiday Extravaganza!

Legoland Malaysia is able to offer a range of attractive prizes through their partnership with sponsors who contributed prizes worth more than  RM50,000.

Their partners include Edaran Tan Chong Motors, Maybank, Celcom, Unilever, KSL Resort JB, Pulai Springs Resort JB, Thistle JB, Sin Lim Wines, AD Travel, Dewani Design, Themed Attractions Resort, The Datai Langkawi, Puteri Harbour Group, Astute Xperience, Themed Attractions Kidzania, Kingsmen KEB Sdn Bhd, Gan Seng Printing Sdn Bhd and Pok Brothers Sdn Bhd. [Read more…]

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